Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cross Stitching

I decided I would do something crafty tonight with the hopes of getting myself out of this dumb funk I've been in. 

I thought I'd give cross stitching a try so I broke out a little cross stitch kit I had.

Here's what the outside of the package looked like:
Notice the inspirational quote. I just knew my stitching this mantra -- combined with the the sound of a Full House episode I'm sure we've watched no less that 9,721 times playing in the background -- would be the equivalent of antivenom for "the funk".

I opened the package and started reading the directions, half of which were in a different language and the other half I couldn't comprehend. 
So I thought... "No biggie, I'll just follow the picture."

Until I studied the picture... 
...And made a conscious decision not to cry. 

There were so. many. symbols. And different kinds of lines... And symbols made out of these lines... All of which required me to refer to the directions. The directions I couldn't understand.

I would not be defeated, though. No siree, not today! I was going to do this craft come hell or high water.

So I took a deep breath and went to work.
Nailed it.

I'm not sure if I grew wings on the way down tonight, but I have definitely been reminded that sometimes it's okay to just toss out the directions and go our own way.



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