Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Do It

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you might have noticed that I've posted about working with a Life Coach through a series of weekly group coaching sessions.  While I won't go into the non-coincidental series of events that lead to me being coached, I will confidently tell you that God had this planned since I was sneaking out of cabins at Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church Jr. High youth retreats.

The coaching series was entitled "Creating More Me Time" and each week 2-3 of us would gather, from the comfort of our own homes, to hear Jen (she's the Coach) present a theme for our discussion that night.  We would then receive the benefit of having Jen work with us, on an individual level, to identify and address areas in our life that were keeping us from living our best life (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.).  

During one of our very first calls, we were challenged to identify the "non-negotiables" in our life - the fulfilling activities/hobbies/rituals, whatever - that we consistently make time for and fiercely protect when it comes to our schedules.

I couldn't think of a single one.  Other than my morning coffee, I guess.

Basically, I haven't been doing diddly-squat for myself - other than my morning coffee.

I know what it's like to have a non-negotiable, though.  It only took a little bit of prodding for "Coach Jen" to help me realize that exercise (specifically running) was, at one time, a non-negotiable for me.  Running made me happy.  It was my God time.  It was challenging and it filled me.  It made me healthy from the outside in as well as the inside out.  But...  running had become just something that I used to do*.

The non-negotiable on my plate had become a crumb on the floor of life.  (That. Was. DEEP.)

So...  I started running again.  Really, it's just that simple.  I didn't wait to get motivated to do so.  I'd still be waiting on the motivation if that had been my approach.  "Motivation is overrated", Jen said.  Jen is very wise.

I had to Just Do It.  (In my pink New Balance shoes.  Sorry, Nike.  Your shoes don't fit me well.)

I tell this story because I know I have friends who struggle with protecting (and maybe even identifying) the non-negotiables on their plate.  Maybe it's not running, but it could be taking time to read, pray, knit, cook, serve, go spelunking or square dancing.  Whatever it is, chances are you are struggling because you're taking care of everybody else in your life first. 

So... This is what I have to offer you:  taking care of ourselves first allow us to be better _____ (insert your role - wife, husband, mother, father, employee, whatever). Jen says it's like the oxygen mask on a plane - you gotta put yours on first before you can attempt to assist the passengers around you. 

Just. Do. It.

I'm so happy to be breathing (well... huffing and puffing) again.

Jen has another great coaching opportunity coming up.  I have pasted the information below. If weight is an issue you struggle with, I hope you will consider joining in on this group.  I honestly can't say enough about the difference working with Jen has made in my life!  Just. Do. It.

*Mike, Susan, and I can't get enough of this video!

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  1. You are such a talented writer.....wondering if writing will make it to your non-negotiable list one day......And I'll say, I knew her when.....

    xoxo and CHEERS to you and just doing it!!